Katalon Recorder sendKeys Not Working


i’m using the free version of Katalon Studio and Recorder, and I’ve been having an issue i’m not sure how to fix.

i am trying to use Recorder to perform automated testing of an iSeries overlay (the View/Hats) and it’s working well. but the Recorder is not allowing me to use sendKeys to do function button presses or even just the Enter key. if you’re familiar with the iSeries, then you know this is pretty essential.

is there a workaround to get this to work?


i meet the same problem

Enter key not working for me either

The Google version I’m using now doesn’t work either. Some people say that the Firefox version can be used.

Hi everyone, thank you for your report. We’re currently fixing this on Chrome. In the meantime please use Firefox instead.

Hi all, we rolled out 5.4.1 to fix this issue, please check to see if it works.

Could you share a sample on how it’s supposed to work?

Command: sendKey
Target: CTRL, T
Doesn’t work.

Hi @koen.rens

Thank you for your report. Currently, KR only works for a string or single special keys such as ${KEY_ENTER} or ${KEY_CTRL}, etc. We will see if it can be done and inform you when there’s news.