Selecting data from a database data file

Hey Everyone,

I have question around the best way to do something. I have two different data files I will be using for a test. One of the data files will contain an asset serial number and be static data for my test to loop through. The other will be a database source and will contain a number that gets generated from the asset (changing data). I need to select this number to input into a web based field based on the serial number.

The database source looks like the below.

The field im interested in inputting into the form is the final “CommissioningStatusMessage” and the lookup is the “Serial”. I will have the serial in my test data file that will loop through my test cases. Any idea on how to achieve this?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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which data type used?

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Hey Timo,

Im not sure I follow the question. in relation to what?

As an example if I have a Serial number in my test data file of “218291141” I would like it to lookup on the SQL Server database table to return “0488”. I have thought about a way of doing this its not preferred. I could create a SQL Server database file for each asset serial that will only ever return 1 row. Then I create a test case for each asset I would be performing testing on as the assets will be static. I would then have a different database source query for each test case. The implication of this is I will need to maintain 4 or 5 test cases instead of just 1.

I realise what i’m asking is a bit complicated and may not mean much to everyone here so I will just progress down this path for now.

Thanks :smiley:

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Be careful, at this method, you can lose some data files. In this case, partition recovery by using proper software would be a good choice if you get a problem. I mean, if you need to recover some files out of it. Diskinternals software, can back and recover very deep information and files

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True, this almost happened to me :no_mouth: