Select text in element with contenteditable=true

Hi everyone,
ew weeks i am trying to accomplis my test that need to select text in HTML element (paragraph) with contenteditable=true.

I was trying to use keys (shift+arrows) and later tried to use action of web element with clickAndHold.

Both of these methods work great for input (type=text), but in p contenteditable=true cursor stays allways at the end of the text and none of method works.

Can anyone handle this and give me a hint, how to select text in element with contenteditable=true?

Thank you in advance

That sounds like a bug (at the core of Selenium/WebDriver, I guess).

@ThanhTo Can you have someone try the relevant WebUI APIs against <element-name contenteditable> ?

One hole I can see right away (as I’ve pointed out before) we’ll need the opposite of Get Text (but you’ll need to call it Set InnerText or similar).

Placing this under Bug Reports until proved otherwise :confused:

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Are there any news, about this topic?
Do Katalon plan any fix in future versions?

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