Script to create multiple test suites(clone) with different data iteration

take note that we already provided some solutions for your use case.
we will be glad to hear which approach you choose.

The solution we are taking right now to workaround with KS is to distribute the data to multiple Test suites (instead of 1). With these approach, creation, maintenance and execution is a challenge. We cannot use the parallel execution in test collection since they that suppose to be single Test Suite has to be distributed to multiple test cases(this was the original plan before we hit the challenge in KS executing bigger data in Data Files - works flawlessly when data in datafiles are just less than 10 entries).

This is the workaround that we are using. We have to put it in collection so reports will be available right away if something happens (e.g. KS lockup, server crash, etc). Yes, not anyone would want to manually copy and paste code. Write once, use multiple times.

I tried 1 Test Suite with multiple Test Case entries with different data iteration but I did not get that reports generation at the end of the test case. All the tests in the Test Suite seems to finish first before it will generate the report.

That is the idea of this tool. To simplify data binding so users won’t need to deal with the code to do that. All the glue code will be provided by KS.


Would you agree closing this topic?

What was the resolution? Let the buyer of KS deal with the issues?

If you have an enterprise license, you can raise support ticket at

I do not have any more idea.

Thanks all! I created a ticket.

Now this issues is directed to the Katalon Customer support. I closed this.