Script code vanished when a test case is renamed

Hi everyone,

We apologize for the inconvenience. This bug should have been fixed in version 8.3.0 as you can see in the release note. Our team is looking into it and will keep you updated.

Thank you!

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Mhm … I cannot see any refference of this in the mentioned release notes.
I can only see:

Bug: Could not update test object references after renaming test objects

but this is a different animal. perhaps related … no idea.

Anyway, was not fixed in 8.3.0 as Kazurayam demoed.

  • macOS 12.6
  • Katalon Studio 8.3.0

Thank you for sharing this. We acknowledged the situation and as @Shin has mentioned, we are altering the solution and will keep all users informed.

I believe that if Git has any new bug, the whole IT world would stop today.

Or it will switch back to svn …

I would never go back to Svn, Cvs.

I demand to be able to make commits locally without network connection to the remote repository server.

This bug is resolved in 8.6
Thanks to our Community for finding this issue.

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Please check our newest release here [New Releases] Katalon Platform Updates - March 17th, 2023. Thank you everyone!