Screenshot in windows application

Hi Team, I want to add screenshot in reports generated by katalon studio for windows application, as there is no inbuilt keyword for taking screenshot in windows application, so how can I achieve this scenario.


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Hi @vaibhavp, Try this posting: How to capture ScreenShot for Winium + Katalon Studio

Hi @Dave_Evers I tried that what I want is to add those screenshot in reports generated by katalon (html or pdf) as its not adding those screenshots in reports, what can I do for that to happen.

Hi @duyluong or @Elly_Tran, Any suggestions on @vaibhavp’s request?

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Hi, please let me know If there is any way to add those screenshots in reports generated by katalon for windows application, as in windows application we don’t have inbuilt function for taking screenshots like we have for mobile and web applications i.e., (Mobile.takescreenshot or WebUI.takescreenshot) etc.


Thank you for raising your concern. As mentioned in this doc View captured screenshots in Katalon Studio reports | Katalon Docs, This feature is currently applicable to Web UI and Mobile testing. I think there is still no feature of adding window screenshot to the report. You can only customize your own screenshot code for your window application as @Dave_Evers has suggested. Thank you!

Ok thanks for letting me know.