Screenshot evidence

I need if katalon studio will generate graphic evidence when execute a test case.
If katalon generates evidencia, i need to know how a can watch this.

Thank you !


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Thank you for your suggestion. Katalon has not supported it yet. Thank you

A screenshot taken at appropriate points is an option. I don’t believe video recording is possible for Mobile, only Web UI tests. The screenshots appear as part of the report produced from a test suite execution.

If you are using WebUI, like in your category heading, then how about setting the video–saying that, I think you should just take snap shots like @Dan_Bown says of important changes. However, if you want to experiment, the below form is found under: Project > Settings.

Edit: For taking screen shots, you can use:

gReportPathway = ".\\Reports\\Screenshots\\YourTestCaseReferenceNumber\\"

WebUI.takeFullPageScreenshot(gReportPathway + "FileName1.png")


WebUI.takeScreenshot(gReportPathway + "FileName2.png")
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