Schedule tests to execute

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Can you please give me some more explanation about scheduling.
My requirement:
I need to run a script on a daily basis between 4 to 5, and 5 to 6 IST .and I want to share those the results through the mail automatically.
Please help on this.i need to finish this by the end of the weekend.



Hey buddy,

The scheduling part is not a Katalon feature per se. You have do that with the scheduler function in whatever Operative system you are using.

You have to first create your Katalon batch file using this guide:

*The batch file is basically the set of Katalon instructions you would want to run in console mode.

Then schedule to run that batch file using Task Scheduler. This is the guide for Windows assuming you’re using that. Just google how to use that function in Linux or Mac if this guide doesn’t work for you: