Sample Web Service Request similar to SOAPUI

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to use Katalon Studio for web service testing. How can we create sample web service request for soap service similar to SOAPUI without that it’s challenging to create request while testing the service?

any suggestion ?

thank you
Premdutt Gaur

I am not sure I understood your question correctly. What feature in SoapUI do you want to refer to?

when we create new project in soapUI using soap wsdl, it allows you to create sample request xml with schema structure.
please try to create sample soapui project with any wsdl and you will see how sample xml request i created.

thank you


could you please suggest me solution on my other basic issue on SOAP Basic authentication is not working thread.

Here is the instruction on how to create your simple API testing:

Could you have a look at it? It is not similar to SoapUI, but we can create end-point and make verification on the response.