Running Script from Katalon asking for browser registration every time

I’m working on automated testing for a web application. The web application logic is - when we login for the first time, it asks for an OTP and then registers the device and browser used by the user for subsequent logins. It doesn’t ask OTP the next time the user logs in. We’ve different regions for testing this web app i.e. QA, UAT, etc.

Now, in specifically, one region, when I run the login test from katalon, it keeps asking for OTP every time. When we log in manually to the app, it only asks first time, and not on subsequent logins. Also, for other regions. running script from Katalon is triggering the OTP part only first time. It doesn’t ask for OTP the next time for other regions from Katalon.

Can anyone please help in figuring out this issue ? Is there anything within Katalon we can check i.e. browser settings, or something ?

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Hello @gurleen.kaur, what version of Katalon Studio are you using? You may need to upgrade to the latest version of Katalon Studio.

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Hey @Dave_Evers … I’m using Katalon Studio Enterprise 8.6.8

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That because Katalon open a new web browser every time it runs. When browser close, the session and cookie are deleted.
If you want to keep the session, try to run Katalon with browser Profile.

I’m not sure why it’s the case, only for one specific region. For other regions, it’s working perfectly fine.
Could you please elaborate on running Katalon with browser profile ? I’ll give it a try. I didn’t understand that part clearly. Thank you so much

This thread may be able to help with the browser profile.