Run single test inside feature

Is it possible to (debug) just run one test inside a BDD feature file locally? We have many ‘login’ test inside the login feature and I want to only run one of the test inside that feature. Is this possible?

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I uses Cypress with Cucumber for a short while. It had an option to tag with: @focus
It would be a good idea to use the same tagname

So at this time how does everyone run a single test? After we write the test we want to run it to make sure it passes. I only see options to run the entire feature.

we can assign unique tags for each scenarios in our feature file ,Using Cucumber keyword we can run each scenario .please go through below link for more details

@Santhosh2 thanks for the reply. So lets say I had a feature file called Login that contained many test cases, and I only wanted to run one test case which I’ve tagged @tc2235. Can you tell me what the cucumber keyword would be to run only this scenario?

Hi brandon.burgess,
if you see that link in which if fallow the third approach .
Run feature file using TestRunner class