Run Project on Docker

I have done configuring docker on my windows. pulled katalonstudio/katalon image on docker. configured my command to successfully run my test suite collection that includes only one test suite but i think i cant run katalon image without a test suite collection,Correct me if am wrong. Logs on power shell shows that my project is successfully read and will start execution then it shows that execution done when nothing happend and returns exit code 2.
note: when trying to run katalon container from katalonstudio/katalon image on docker it returns :

+ echo Entrypoint
+ '[' -z '' ']'
+ exec /bin/sh -c '$KATALON_KATALON_SCRIPT_DIR/'
/bin/sh: 1: / not found

if am missing some configurations please tell me thanks for the sup


With KRE (no matter if docker or standalone) you can run either a Test Collection or a Test Suite.
Please read the docs carefully:

If -testSuitePath is specified, -testSuiteCollectionPath is not required.

That was helpful. thanks man. My project is quite complex, did some configurations now everything works fine.