Run Multiple Website Tests with Test Suite without Closing and Reopening Browser


I am running several tests on a website and have set up test cases for each test. I have then setup a test suite to run the various test cases. With these particular cases, every time a test case opens up a new browser window, it means the test has to log back into the site being tested. Because the site runs a little slow, that adds several minutes over the course of several tests to the overall time the test suite takes to complete.

Is there a way for me to make it so when one test case is completed, it doesn’t shut down the testing window and then the next test case picks up where the last one left off?

I know I can remove the “Close Browser” command, but when I do and set up the next test case to just navigate to the proper URL, the test suite does not work correctly. It just stops after the first test case and never starts the second one.



i hat test suites as you described, and all was ok.
do you have any error? can you describe that behaviour in more detail (if it’s possible)

I figured it out. It was going to the next test case and then immediately failing; however, it did not put an error in the message window or problems window. I only found the error looking through the console report. So, it went to the next test case, but for some reason the site doesn’t change pages just by navigating to a different URL. I either have to click a link or enter a URL and then hit enter. Unfortunately, Katalon couldn’t properly locate the link and, of course, it can’t put in the URL and hit enter. So, my solution ended up being to have Katalon navigate to the URL and then refresh the browser and that get’s it to the right page.