Run Katalon Remotely From Jenkins

I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to run Katalon tests remotely on CrossBrowserTesting from Jenkins?

Katalon seems great for quickly writing tests, but I need to be able to run tests automatically, remotely, from Jenkins, or it’s not actually that helpful to my team.

I had this configuration set up for plain Selenium tests, but I’m not understanding how it would be possible to make this work with Katalon?

In my original Selenium setup, the Selenium tests were added to the app in a /testing/ folder and then Jenkins was able to run those tests in that folder as a build step.

Is there any way to run Katalon tests remotely from Jenkins?

Any insight much appreciated!

with such standard questions as integration to CI/CD chain, you can always trust existing documentation of product:

i strongly suggest to browse thru all documentation first, to get better overview of Katalon studio