'Run from here' in Mobile?


is there a way to ‘run from here’ for a Mobile Android test please?
The option is not enabled (after test fails, I right-click against the desired step in the script).
I’m having to start from the beginning each time, which makes this a lengthy trial-and-error exercise!

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Anybody? I haven’t seen ‘run from here’ enabled in any Mobile app test I have run, so perhaps this is web functionality only? Thanks and fingers crossed there is something to save me time!

Hi @Dan_Bown,

Maybe this answer is too late, but the “Run from here” feature for Mobile is not implemented yet.

Hi, thanks for confirming.
Testing is ongoing but this feature would be very useful, since loading apps typically takes a couple of minutes each time and then another couple of minutes to login and sync data.
Is there a release date planned please?

Hi @Dan_Bown,

I am sorry for the inconvenience. But we still not decided yet. I have created a feature request ticket for you here https://github.com/katalon-studio/katalon-studio/issues/304. You could follow that ticket to know when it has done.

~ Thanks for choosing us! /=)


Would second implementing this for mobile! @thongnmtran are there any updates on plans to implement this?