Run from here... in designated/appointed browser

The following would be an AWESOME feature, addition:

I run a test in Chrome,

I try to (functionally test) reproduce the steps in say Edge or Internet Explorer myself. (by hand)

I see what the issue is,

Now I’d like to say: run from here and point to the Edge (instead of the Chrome where the first half of the script started running) (Katalon uses the other browser the resume the filling in of the inputs)

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You can set your test up to do that already, without the “Run from here” part, using:


no it’s really hard to explain what I mean. I shall try it again like so:

I’d like to send the “keywords” to a non-chromedriver.exe related browser.

So for instance I have a ordinary browser with Xpath extension. I’d like it to send it there.
But the solution is of top level one. for instance FireFox or Chrome should be in on this one (work together on this project) in order to be able to realize it.

you see which level I mean it?

it would be “pre-testtool(s) ready”

Perhaps you can review the below on Setup and Teardown.

Setup/Teardown for Test Suite and Test Case - Archive - Katalon Community

There are many You Tube tutorials on it as well.