Run FireFox with images disabled

Hi there,

How can i run katalon tests with firefox with its images disabled.



I tried the following procedure.

  1. start Katalon Studio, open my project
  2. in the tool bar; Project > Settings, then the Project settings dialog opens
  3. choose Execution > Default > Web UI > Firefox
  4. add “firefox_profile” with type Dictionary
  5. as the Dictionary value, add { permissions.default.image = 2.0 }

before modifying the firefox_profile:

after modifying firefox_profile:



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Thanks, it worked, i actually tried this way which never worked and i didnt know the reason.
but your answer solved this
thanks again

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 6.50.23 PM.png

Can you please advise how to achieve that in new katalon?

Have you tried yourself? Please tell use what you found.

Which version of Firefox are you using? There would be a possibility that newer version of Firefox renamed the property (or removed it). — I do not know what.