Run Cucumber tests using dynamic tags

Hi guys,

I came across a situation in which I need to execute cucumber tests using a custom runner class. In Maven, it is possible to pass in tags using cmd line (or setting properties), is there such an approach available in Katalon?

Hi @Phu_Nguyen,
Please refer to this post Passing feature file/scenario tags at runtime when building with Jenkins

Hi @huynguyen I did mention that I need to run tests using a custom class in which I specified a custom formatter. If I follow the provided link, is it possible to pass in custom plugins?

Hi @Phu_Nguyen,
Please refer to

As far as I know, it is not possible to pass in Global Variable to the custom class, so then how can I pass in tags at runtime?

Hi @Phu_Nguyen,
Sorry for misunderstanding your use case. Indeed, passing tags at runtime through GlobalVariable in the custom class is a non-trivial task. One workaround is to define a custom keyword that accepts some Cucumber-specific options and execute your feature file based on those options. You can refer to our built-in keywords at, especially the runFeatureFileWithTags keyword.

I see. Thanks a lot for your explanation.