Passing feature file/scenario tags at runtime when building with Jenkins

Hi @devalex88, @duyluong, Katalon team:

We’re considering with proceeding to get the KSE and KRE for our organization. One of the features we’re using heavily is the BDD support that Katalon provides. Are there any plans in the immediate future to allow us to set our scenario tags to be executed at runtime when jenkins build triggers the tests? As you are aware, there could be hundreds of tags for different kinds of scenarios and having a test case created for each specific tag is not feasible long term. Any thoughts on this?

Hi @Aleks

Please try out the following steps and see if this is what you want:

  1. Define a Global Variable whose values are tags.
  2. Write a test case with the runFeatureFolderWithTags keyword whose tags parameter is the Global Variable defined in step 1.
  3. Add this test case to a test suite and execute it from Jenkins. Override the Global Variable by your desired scenario tags with -g_XXX, for example, -g_userName="admin".

Read more about running Cucumber feature files.


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This appears to be working, thanks!