Robot Framework issue

Please confirm that Katalon Automation Recorder can really export to Robot format.
This what I get:

*** Test Cases ***
Test Case
open http://localhost:9069/web/database/selector
click link=odoo10_barrier
type id=login admin
type id=password admin
click xpath=//button[@type=‘submit’]
click xpath=//nav[@id=‘oe_main_menu_navbar’]/div[2]/ul/li[3]/a/span
click xpath=//div[3]/ul/li[4]/a/span
click xpath=(//button[@type=‘button’])[6]
type id=o_field_input_6 Test F
click xpath=(//button[@type=‘button’])[8]

But in Robot Framework format it must be Open Browser (not open), Click Element (not click).

Please advise.

I was able to get exported cases to work in robot framework by downloading the keyword set seleniumLibrary.robot found here project was a Robot framework formatter for selenium ide. This file will give you a keyword set that will convert selenese (Used by Selenium IDE and Katalon Automation broswer) into Selenium Library keywords used by Robot Framework.

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How can we interact with OS windows like Download pop-up, Alerts, Print Pop-ups, etc with the help of katalon.

now, this issues has come again.

I can’t using Virtual Keyboard.

How could I fix this problem?