Reuse the Custom Keywords

Hi Team,

we have to build a Katalan project and have implemented custom keyword methods in it. We need to reuse those keywords inside other projects as well.

We have tried to import the Keyword source files in the new project where we want to reuse but this way we are sharing the source code. We wish to share the binary files .class or .jar files with the other project team members so that they can use it as a reusable component.

we were successfully able to add an external jar library in the new project but later when we try to import in the keyword file reference of the class is not getting resolved.
Any help on steps on how to achieve this would be appreciated.

if need more information please feel to reach out to us.

This may help,

though I haven’t tried Private Plugins

If you are familiar with Gradle, you can setup a Gradle build in the Katalon Studio project to generate a jar file which contains the class files of your custom keywords. Once the jar is created, you have many options how to transfer it to other projects.

See the following project as an example where I utilized Gradle.

In order to create a jar, I just do

$ cd <junit4ks project directory>
$ gradle jar

In the junit4ks project, I did not use “Private Plugin” feature of Katalon Studio. I believe that what I did with Gradle is quite similar to what “Private Plugin” mechanism does.

Hi team,
Im also trying the same scenario that is mentioned here…But It says katalon plugin needs license. It is not possible to create a custom plugin without license? Also what is the cost of licensing ?


You can create custom keywords without KSE to use in your project. However KSE enables you to be create multiple plugins that can be shared privately with people in your organization. For pricing, please visit