Restriction on input a symbol in file path of test objects

Hello ! I have problem with restriction on input a symbol in file path of test objects


I sincerely hope you have not run into this:

If so, you’ll have little choice but to reconfigure your project to use a shortened starting path.


you should change your project location and trying to use shorten names to avoid such issues

Thank you Russ and Mahmoud for your answers.

Why I have that message ?
I collect test objects for my test case and page where I do that have many buttons and forms that appear only if some events happend like checkbox is selected or search button pressed.

And to separete my objects in project I decided to create folders for events were I savedf them only after events happend .

For example:

We have page with search form and after we type parameters on avaible fields we pressed search button.

So before button were pressed we collected all items wich we will use in test case and after we pressed search button we get result page with new objects and forms to interact with.

And that objects appears on event right ? Exactly just after you click on the search button and in order to separate these objects from those that were saved earlier, I create a new folder with about that name “After_search_b_pressed” and save new objects there.

This is done also because some forms contain copied objects, such as a save button or a text entry field that have one single difference in the layout, and this is a div block or cell in the table.

I was trying to figure out how to reorganize the structure of the saved objects, but nothing came to my mind so far.

Maybe you have an idea what to do about it, I would be very grateful for the advice

Maybe you have an idea what to do about it, I would be very grateful for the advice

Sure, but you may not like it very much…

Don’t use the Object Repository, create all your objects live, in memory.

Managing the OR in a large testing project is tedious - it simply doesn’t scale (more so if you use the Record Web tool).

Search the forum for memory based TestObjects…

i’m using your way also to categories my objects for the test cases but what i follow is putting the project on the main root like c:\katalon_proj and when capturing the objects i have used shorten names like After_search_b_pressed become res_srch_fired and also renaming the objects folders and pages.
your issue related to limitations in windows :frowning:

Thank you for your advice. And I wanted to clarify, in occasion of creation of test objects directly in memory. Whether correctly I understood, I need to initialize objects directly in the test case?

Like this for example:

import com.kms.katalon.core.testobject.ConditionType as ConditionTypeimport com.kms.katalon.core.testobject.TestObject as TestObjectimport com.kms.katalon.core.webui.keyword.WebUiBuiltInKeywords as WebUIimport internal.GlobalVariable as GlobalVariable// Initialize test objects// buttons   bLogin = new TestObject ('bLogin'). addProperty ('id', ConditionType.EQUALS, 'login')   bLogout = new TestObject ('bLogout'). addProperty ('id', ConditionType.EQUALS, 'logout')   bSubmit = new TestObject ('bSubmit'). addProperty ('xpath', ConditionType.EQUALS, "// button [@class = \' button-submit \ ']")// input fields   txtLogin = new TestObject ('txtLogin'). addProperty ('id', ConditionType.EQUALS, 'input_login')   txtPassword = new TestObject ('txtPassword'). addProperty ('id', ConditionType.EQUALS, 'input_password')/* * Test Registration * Login at site if login button is visible * otherwise click at logout button */   WebUI.openBrowser (GlobalVariable.TestPage)   WebUI.maximizeWindow ()   if (WebUI.verifyElementVisible (bLogin)) { (bLogin)        if (WebUI.verifyElementVisible (txt_Login)) {            WebUI.setText (txtLogin, 'MyLogin')            WebUI.setText (txtPassword, 'MyPassword')   (bSubmit)   } else { (bLogout)}}