Test Case will not work if user move element to another folder in Object Repository

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I created a test case will a lot of elements and it run ok. But if i move element from one folder to another folder in Object repository than the test case will NOT work. Katalon still remembrs a old path to that element. I need to update my test case with correct path to that element.

Is it possible to somehow setup elements in test case with relative path? Not absolute path. I would like to sort, move, reorganize some elements into my folder structutre.

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Any solution happened here?

If you move or rename some object in Katalon Studio, reference in opened test cases will be changed sometimes, but not always. If test is not open during the renaming of object, object new name or location will not be updated at all.

So what options, if any, we can use to be sure that we do not destroy a lot of test cases by renaming.

Any refactoring for simple objects or folder renaming and moving inside the structure?