ReRun Test case


I am automating a page where by if test case failed it will rerun the whole test case again I have enabled the rerun feature for test case Is it possible to get if the tast case is re running or not

Hi Priyank Sharma,

Rerun option is only available for Test Suite just for your information:

If you input retry value > 0, then it will affect to your current test suite. Please access above guide to know more about this option

Sorry for the Typo I was talking about Test suite only Is there any way where I can Gte if the test case is running Since if my test suite fails in the middle than on retry my test suite will get failed since my test suite is dependent on one another

Hello Priyank,

Even I had the same requirement. Below are the possible solutions:

  1. If your tests are running in Command Line(Linux), then you can see the number of times a suite has been executed at the End of the Suite.
    SuiteExecutionCount = NumberOfLinesOfTestSuiteCompletionTags.

  2. You can create a utility method to generate a file with the count of Suite execution count and update the value every time when it reaches AfterTestSuite.