Report folder not available on 6.3.3 version

I am not able to generate reports on the recently downloaded katalon 6.3.3 version. also i had set the email settings to include html,pdf,csv and log files in the mail but I am receiving only files.
I was able to generate report and send mail which included all mentioned files for katalon 6.1.2

Please let me know if this 6.3.3 version has issues and should I downgrade to lower versions?

@gitprachi The reports will show up in reports tab within the test suite itself. There will be no separate Katalon reports folder as of now. Also make sure in the Basic report plugin setting yoi have selected your desired report format.

Hi all, In Katalon Version 7, reports folder is available by default in test explorer. On the other hand you can customize the test explore. Kindly check the below screenshot for details.

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