Report export is now a paid feature

Hi dev team, i’ve been using katalon for around two years now and i’ve been very happy with the product. However since the update to katalon 7.3, i can no longer see previous execution reports, as they are hidden behind the paywall (This is a Katalon Studio Enterprise feature).

This is extremely off putting as i have hundreds of previous executions saved locally for traceability purposes which i cannot access any more unless i purchase the enterprise version.

Don’t get me wrong, i have been pushing my company to purchase paid licenses, but the lack of transparency and the fact that the enterprise version restores functionality removed from the free version generates anxiety about more features in the future being locked again behind more paywalls.

Should we (the users) expect more functionality to be removed silently? With this behavior from the Katalon team i find it hard to recommend it to anyone.

Hi @evpascaru
Do you mean the issue relates with Log Executed Test Step or Basic Report plugin?