Replace All from Search switches Objects

I encountered the following bug:
I tried to replace a bunch of rightclick actions by rightclickoffset actions by searching for the following in all test cases:
_ WebUI.rightClick(findTestObject(‘Trading/Seclend/Seclend Trading View/Received/FirstRow’)) _
Then I did a rightclick - replaceAll on the results of the search and posted
WebUI.rightClickOffset(findTestObject(‘Trading/Seclend/Seclend Trading View/Received/FirstRow’), 60, 0)
as a replacement while also previewing all entries to make sure i didn’t screw up the scripts. A switched off the “update the search results” option because i wanted to open all the scripts from the search view afterwards and run them to see if they still worked.
When i opened the scripts, the lines were replaced with this:
WebUI.rightClickOffset(findTestObject(‘Post Trade/Seclend/ShowLoans/FirstRow’), 60, 0)
So the replacement chose a different object (with the same name) from a different folder. I’m sure that i haven’t used the second object by accident in the replace all command since i checked the preview for every script.