Renaming the data file didn't updated the references it had in Execution Profiles

Hello Team,

I am seeing an issue where I renamed the data file in Katalon Studio expecting it will also update the references it is having in Execution Profile but it didn’t update that.

Following are the steps I have executed :

  1. Create a data file (Excel).
  2. In an Execution Profile make reference to the data file. For e.g 29%20PM
  3. Create a test case and execute it.
  4. Rename the data file created in Step 1
  5. Go to the execution profile you added the reference to see if it is updated or not.

I am able to see this issue with latest Katalon Studio Version: 6.1.5, Build: 3.

Any update on this issue?

@vijayakrishnabv I am not sure if this is fixed as I am not using Katalon internal data files.

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