Remove timestamps from .properties files in settings folder

Describe the problem you have.

as described in following POST ( Git Merge conflict - #23 by staniere ), files such as settings\internal\ are frequently causing merge conflicts because there is a timestamped line which is always updated.

Apparently Katalon team suggest to put whole setting folder in .gitignore file.

but as said in the forum, i think lots of files of this folder should be versionned.
For example, I need to version the file in order to correctly configure plugins generation for jenkins and other member team folders correctly :

Content of “”
#Wed Oct 21 17:54:55 CEST 2020

this is not the only file which contains important configuration :,,, …

Please let us know, how would your work be affected while this request has not been resolved?

  1. I can continue my job, but my performance is lower than expected and I get annoyed at each git pull !

Describe the feature you’d like or how the current features need to be updated.

For me, timestamp should be removed from these properties files in order to be able to be git versionned without any merge conflicts


Hi @staniere,

This feature request was accepted by the Katalon development team and is in our backlog for the next releases.

Thanks for your sharing


Has this been fixed ? Its already Jan 2021.

Hi! This is a great feature to have.

Also, another way is put the settings in gitignore and let us set/update the Project Settings in runtime. I already create a feature request here: Update Project Settings in Runtime

Let me know if this request needs more details

My Katalon project is getting bigger and we are starting to commit different changes. I’ve downloaded the last version of Katalon and the problem is still there. The timestamp creates a collision evey time and it gets a bit frustrating. Can this be fixed, please?

Hi @qs1

This enhancement is added to backlog. We will inform you when it’s available.


Hopefully this feature request will be completed soon. Thanks!

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Hi @duyluong,

It’s been more tnan a year since you wrote that “This feature request was accepted by the Katalon development team and is in our backlog for the next releases.”. We all know that you, guys, exteamely busy. So, in the meantime, could you please let us know what whould be the consequences (if any) of including settings\internal\ in .gitignore? Thanks!


The “Remove timestamps from .properties files in settings folder” will available in KS v8.2.5 that was expected to release on Jan 15th 2022.

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Hi All,

Kindly be informed the ability to exclude timestamps from .properties files is now available in v8.2.5.beta2. Please try it out and let us know your thought on this improvement.

How to use it?

  1. Go to Project Settings > Project Information.

  2. Check/uncheck the option to include/exclude timestamps then click on the “Apply” button right away before switching to configure other functions in the Project Settings.

Known Issues

Currently, this enhancement only applies to native integration with Studio such as Katalon TestOps and Azure DevOps; qTest Integration, Basic Report, and Applitools Integration plugin. Others are planned to be updated in next releases.


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