Record Object on Map

Hi. Can Katalon Web Recorder to detect an object such as Pointer in Google Maps (as in the picture) ? Since the object in Google Maps is hybrid, may I know is it possible Katalon Web Recorder to record the object?

No - The event will indicate the canvas object, but not individual items drawn on the canvas. You wont be able to becuase its not an ‘object’, you will just capture the complete canvas.

Is there a reason you are testing gmaps? Unless you work at google you shouldnt be testing this :sweat_smile:

ok thanks for the reply. it is actually location-based web which is integrated with google maps. we have to verify a few pin markers on the map :sweat_smile:

In that case you could use Kaz’s visual testing project. That could possibly work for you although seems like alot of trouble for testing someone elses product IMO (even if it is an integration) :rofl:

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Hello everyone,

Visual elements testing which may help you solve this problem will be available in the upcoming releases. Meanwhile, stay tuned!


Such a great news! cant wait for the upcoming release :grin:


The following post of mine might be useful for you:

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