[Random Friday] Are you a Morning Bird or a Night Owl?

As the title of this topic suggested: Are you an early bird or a night owl? When do you like to write test/code, or just working in general? At what time does your productivity peak?

  • I enjoy getting up early and enjoy the fresh air, definitely a morning bird! :sunny::hatched_chick:
  • If you wake me up early, I will make sure you will never see another day! :new_moon_with_face::owl:
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I do my best work after 9 pm :sweat_smile:

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TBH , I feel that sleeping is a waste of time except for the necessary 4-5 hours

i am opposite. perhaps i am still a child but if i don’t sleep 12 hrs i am grumpy.
occasionally i may sleep just 8 hrs
provided i don’t eat for lunch, i may be good, but if i eat something i need at least 30 mins or one hour to sleep.
call me a lizzard but this is how i am

Don’t think that I build some rockets by being awake. I just drink loads of masala Indian tea

amateur. when i was an owl (yes i was) i mostly used alcohol

Then you have not tasted Indian tea.

try chinese tea and after we start to speak.
drinked once black tea, as replacement for coffee when working in shipyards.
i was abusing coffee at that time, thought will be a good idea.
was briliant! after few hours of running around i was ok.
and i tried indian tea. i know what am i speaking about.
it’s everything about colors.
no more black for me. green. or red (helps for old people with old stomach)

India tea with milk not just the tea with water

milk in tea is just like drinking beer with water.
same for coffee
visit Turkey if you wanna educate your taste.

U mean Turkiye . But after Romania.

meah… autocorrect jokes but yeah…
be warned, in Romania we don’t have good tea.
we use țuica or palinca…

I do most of my work and the best work between 4am and 8am most productive part of my day

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How many cups of coffee did you drink a day at the time? I could only drink at most 3 cups before they start messing up my sleep patterns (as if is has not been messed up to begin with :woozy_face:)

Wow, that is definitely early :exploding_head:

Did you always wake up around 4am or was it something that you had to train yourself to do so?

cups? no idea what is that at that time, altough i used cups for drinking, but not for measurements.
between 1 and 2 litters per day …

those days, 1 or maximum 2 cups per day.
However, with coffee, we can have yet another chapter to discuss.
Filter coffee, expresso, moka, turkish, americana etc etc.
Now I am using moka pot.

That is some crazy numbers right there, though maybe not to you at the time haha :rofl: I take it that it was sort of the requirement since the working hours were long or that the work was rather physically taxing?

Feel free to start one, I am interested in seeing how you brew a cup of coffee with your moka pot :wink:

I, too, also want to try using different coffee brewing tools, but the thoughts of paying for them still present a large barrier for me to do so haha. :smiling_face_with_tear: