Question about profesional Certificate

Hi,I want to ask several questions related to professional Katalon certification:

  1. If I want to get Katalon professional certification, do I have to buy a Katalon enterprise license? Or is there something else needed to get professional certification, such as courses/training?
  2. For this professional certification, the number of test cases that must be created is 125 test cases. Is the application free or provided by Katalon? and does it have to consist of Web, API, Mobile, Desktop or can it be just one?
  3. To check the test cases, will it be demonstrated to the Katalon mentor team or will it only be reviewed from the test cases?
  4. For the test case, do you have to use BDD or can you use manual test cases? and is there a minimum requirement for how many steps?
  5. For 250 test execution results, these will be calculated from the number of test execution results in 1 organization or can there be many?
  6. Is there a deadline to get a professional certificate? (for example it must be 3 months or before 1 year)

please help me with the information,
thank you



Thank you for raising your concern. I will let my team know and help you.

Hi there @vita.kemala. Welcome to the Community! Here are my answers to your questions:

1/ To get the Professional certification, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • 75 test executions in Katalon Studio
  • 3 test suite executions in Katalon Studio
  • 1 test suite collection execution in Katalon Studio
  • 2 types of automation (Web, Mobile, API, Desktop)
  • 100 test results on Katalon TestOps
  • 10 visual testing checkpoints
  • 5 test run executions on TestOps agents using Katalon Runtime Engine

You can use Katalon Studio free version and TestOps to meet all the requirements except the final one which requires you a license to use Katalon Runtime Engine (unless you’re still in the trial period). That said, you can make use of the Kudos Rewards Scheme to earn free access to use KRE. More information here.

2/ For the Professional certification, I don’t think there’s a requirement for creating 125 test cases. But it does has a requirement of running 75 test executions using Katalon Studio.

3/ You don’t need to demonstrate to the Katalon team. The tracking is done automatically based on your Katalon product usage.

4/ There’s no strict requirement for how many steps to meet the certification criteria.

5/ I think it counts from the org(s) which is/are created under your Katalon account (the same account you use to join the Certification Program).

6/ No, there’s no deadline to achieve a certification.

Hope my information helps.