Publish HTML Reports in ADO

I am running my Katalon UI tests in ADO. I am able to publish the Junit report to the Test Runs of ADO with the ‘Publish Test Results’ agent task in the pipeline. I give the following input in the ‘Test Results files’ section in the task


The Search folder is $(Pipeline.Workspace)\s\MyProjectName\Reports. Following on the above, i tried to publish the html report as well with the following command


However i get the following warning and the report doesnt get published to Test Run folder

[warning]Failed to read D:\a\1\s\MyProjectName\Reports\20221109_220646\SuiteName\20221109_220647\20221109_220647.html. Error : An error occurred while parsing EntityName. Line 540, position 40…


Can you tell us what version of the product you are using?

I’m assuming you already checked the documentation area correct?

Thanks, Sara

I am using 8.4.1. The link you provided is not related to my question/issue

Hi @karthik.srivatsan ,

Thank you for letting us know.

I did not see the command you use to publish the html report. But after investigating your case, I would like to suggest some ways to workaround with the situation that you can try (I will assume that your tests have been successfully executed so that we can limit the scope out of configuration errors. If not yet, @sara.leslie has suggested a nice document for that):

  1. Please take a look in this document to configure publishing your test correctly either by which ways mentioned.

  2. If it is a read permission warning, please double check that you have granted that permission for Test Run folder where you want to publish in.

  3. In terms of the error with parsing, I reach out to this reference and suggest that you double check all the elements, syntax, etc in your htm report if you have given a template.

Hope this can help you. Please feel free to reach us for help. Thank you!