Problems with Authentication tab of web service request (OAuth2)

I am using Katalon version 6.3.1 and Ubuntu, even though the problem I will mention was noticed in Windows as well.

Here is the description of the problems I found with the interface:
Whenever I create a new Object (Web Services Request) and go to the Authentication tab, choose Type=OAuth 2.0 fill in information I need and save the file, when I try to open it again, the Authentication tab is back to its original state and all information I “saved” is lost, going back to this screen:

Besides that, there is the option of hiding the password but it is not working, see images with both ‘true’ and ‘false’ options:

Also, there is a bug when choosing the option “Password Credentials” for the Grant Type.
When I choose it for the first time in the drop-down box, the username and password should be editable but are not.
To do a workaround for that, I go to the drop-down box, select another option, e.g. “Authorization Code” and then click again in “Password Credentials” in order for the fields to become editable.

It is still happening on Katalon 7.4.0 (on macOS). Since I use the access token, I save it on HTTP Header tab directly.

Hi @kawin.k,
We haven’t supported persisting OAuth 2.0 authentication information in the corresponding tab. We will consider about this.

This is still persists in Katalon 7.9.1 , are there any updates on this issue? Has anyone figured a work around? Please, let us know about the resolution if there is one. Thank you

Hi, any updates on this issue?