Problem with HTML Table Keywords plugin

I have installed the HTML Table Keywords plugin. It does not seem correct. Many of the keywords seem to be duplicated and many missing (perhaps they are the duplicates corrupted somehow?).
I have experimented with the keywords that do exist and they seem to work, but I can’t find ones like clickOnLinkInCell, clickOnClickableControlInCell. Looking at the feedbac on the plugin itself it seems I am not the only one.

Without these keywords this plugin is pretty much useless to me.

Does anyone else have this problem, or know how to resolve it?

Thanks in advance

When you ask how to “resolve it”, are you asking how to resolve the Keyword plugin or HTML tables. I didn’t even know about the plugin and really wouldn’t care. I originally followed the below idea:

How to handle Web Tables in Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs

but then I started using the table pathway to create test objects in code or even for the Object Repository, especially for a first row “cell” (so I can wait for the table to form). I haven’t updated all my test cases, but I am moving towards doing them when I go in for needed updates/changes from the development team.

Create a Test Object in Code:

You can find the below code within this forum in multiple places. I have it as a static method so you can call it from anywhere in your Test Case(s). So, if you have a pathway like, //table/thead/tr[1]/th[1] or "//table/tbody/tr[$[cnt}]/td[1]" where “cnt” can be any row value you need (called parameterization), pass these xpaths to the method and get a test object back.

myElement = com.Tools.makeTO('//table/thead/tr[1]/th[1]')
WebUI.verifyElementText(myElement, "blah blah blah")

public class Tools {

import com.kms.katalon.core.testobject.ConditionType as ConditionType
import com.kms.katalon.core.testobject.TestObject as TestObject

 *  Helper function that creates a new Test Object with xpath
 * @param xpath
 * @return a test object
def static TestObject makeTO(String xpath) {
	TestObject to = new TestObject(xpath)
	to.addProperty('xpath', ConditionType.EQUALS, xpath)
	return to