Katalon Studio Htmltable custom keywords plugin

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what about page pagination i guess this plugin not handle it?

Hi @Timo_Kuisma

Yup, we don’t support paging yet.

I’m trying to use the getCellsValueByColumnHeader keyword, but it’s saying the signature of the method is wrong. It wants a Web Element for the table, but I can only send it a Test Object. I created a variable set to my test object, then pass the table variable as the first parameter. How do I sent a Test Object as a Web Element?

Hi @potato
We can identity the table by it’s column header using keyword identifyTableByColumnHeaders, it returns a WebElement object. If you identity the table and define it’s locator in a Test Object, then you can use the api WebUiCommonHelper.findWebElement(object, timeout) to find the WebElement.

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Thank you! That worked.
I’m having an issue with the getCellsValueByColumnHeader keyword. I have a table that has tables inside some of the cells. When I use this keyword, it seems to convert the header to the index for that column, then get the column using that index. So when I’m trying to just get the first column of my overall table, it’s also getting the first column of the tables inside some of the cells as well. How can I only get the column that I passed the name of?

I have a multiple tables in a web page, so how can I verify cell value of particular column.

Thank you for providing a github example! In that example, the test case, ‘Sample_test_HtmlTable_custom_keywords’ uses the url: https://www.phptravels.net/admin-portal/admin/hotels.
This url gets a 404 error. Does the test script need to be updated? Thank you!

Why don’t I see some keywords like clickOnLinkInCell, clickOnClickableControlInCell…?