Problem w OAuth 2.0 callback URL

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I’m attempting to establish a connection with Google Calendar API that I have full ownership of (it’s my calendar). In google cloud platform, I named a unique client “Katalon” and it provided the consumer_key and consumer_secret values that we confirm through Oauth 2.0. I keyed in the Auth URL and Access Token URL that google provides, and defined scope.

I have no idea what to put for a valid Callback URL and the Katalon documentation does not state which URL is valid.

Here is my katalon web service request… (I have edited “consumer_key” and “consumer_secret” values to generic for the purpose of asking the question here)

When I click “request token” in Katalon, it provides a pop-up with a URL to paste into the browser for establishing a first time connection. Unfortunately this is where I’m stuck, because the callback URL I’ve provided is not in accordance with Google’s security policy.

In the Oauth consent screen on Google, I indicated to expect this callback URL:


Can someone help explain what I’m doing wrong here? Thanks!

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bump for @Jass or @duyluong. Can either of you help out?

@Russ_Thomas do you know someone who can help with this? Thanks!

I’m surprised this hasn’t been attended to. Let’s see if @sara.leslie can rattle a few cages :slight_smile:

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