BETA release for OAuth2 feature of API Testing

Dear guys,

Please help try out the following Katalon Studio BETA packages for the new OAuth2 feature of API Testing:

Please also find the draft document of the OAuth2 feature here:

Feel free to give us your feedback in this same thread.

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Hi @YoungNgo,
First of all thank you very much for you work!

We are currently trying to get the OAUTH 2.0 authorisation working but the Bearer token we are receiving does not seem to be valid.

When authorising we need to supply client_id, resource, response_type and when getting token we supply grant_type, client_id, code.
Could you tell us what maps to where? Or how we might add these to the requests.

Many thanks,

Hu @Justin_Harper,

Do you mean that you received a token successfully but you can’t send a request, or that you cannot receive any token ?

Also you need client_id AND client_secret among other attributes for most of the flows. Another possible explanation is that some request needs an extra HTTP header for Client-id in which case you must manually add them, like the following image in our documentation.

Pictures of what you are currently doing will be very helpful in helping us resolve this issue.

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Please censor your credentials

Hi @ThanhTo,

We do seem to get past authentication, however when we look at the token it doesn’t contain the relevant claims. At this moment in time I can only presume it’s due to when we do authentication in the app we pass through the extra data (in the url) e.g. resource. Which I’m now sure where I can put this to enable this to pass through.

Any pointers would be good, or if you have a link to source code file I might be able to reverse engineer it for our needs.


Hi @Justin_Harper

I still have some uncertainties, though I can only guess that the extra data wasn’t allowed to pass but is crucial to the success of your test. To make it more clear, may I see some references (or documentations) to the type of extra data ( e.g resource isn’t it ?) that you’re using ?
Perhaps some examples to what you’re trying to achieve ?

Thanks !

I don’t see a field for ‘Client ID’. Can you add that? Also can you expand the height of the panel so you don’t have to scroll to see all of the fields? See screenshot:

Will you add ‘Implicit’ as a possible Grant Type? It would be nice to support Implicit Flow to test websites that use it.

Dear @Ryan_Manns,

Thanks for getting back to us. We’ll push your requests to our implementation list.

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I have been testing Katalon Studio Version: 5.11.0 Build: 14 using OAuth 2.0 against Salesforce ws, so far, works perfect. I agree with Ryan_Manns scroll needs to be solved.

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Hi Team ,
Still I am facing the problem with with AUTH 2.0 ,Access Token Key is not generated . can you provide all key values as like postman tools. Please update it .

Dear @pradeep.k,

Can you help post your issue in a new thread with more details for investigation?

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I cant access the draft document


I am using version: 6.2.2. I have tried the following way to set the token. However, it is not working.
It is working on 5.10.1 with no authorization and there by if we set the authorization with the token, the test was successful. Please let me know if there is any other way to implement it.

It will be hard to use two different versions of the tool.

The HTTP Header shows as below :


Where am I going wrong, please let me know ?