Private com.katalon.license.LicenseUtils com.katalon.task.KatalonTask.licenseUtils;

plan-227311975-JOB1-5.log (4.6 KB)

I follow the steps installing the add-on to bamboo and configured the task in the bamboo plan but its failing at license issue.

What version of Bamboo were you using?


Hi @karthika.pedoti,

What version of Bamboo and Katalon plugin were you using?

The bamboo version is 6.7.1 and katalon plugin version is 1.1.0

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We released a new version 1.2.0. Could you uninstall version 1.1.0 and try the latest version in marketplace?.

plan-227311975-JOB1-6.log (4.5 KB)

Updating the plugin did not help in fixing the license issue.