Pretty Response not working

When i running testing API on katalon 5.6 , response with pretty display not working (response blank)…


Is there any error message on the response? and could you try to select other options of the response such as raw, json, xml?

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I am facing the same issue

until now at new version, this issue not fix

I am facing the same issue. I am using katalon 6.2.1 in windows 7. Please help if anyone have solved the issue.

Hi @papri.paul,
Please download the latest version of Katalon and try again.

I have tried with Katalon version 7.0.3 but still pretty response is not working.

Hi @papri.paul,
Please provide HAR file as well as the error log to help for the investigation.

Hi, I am using the version 7.5.5 and still not able to see the pretty / raw response. Only the preview is available. Can you please confirm on the resolution on this?

what type of response is it ? it’s working for me for an xml response

I tried with Get / Post requests -
post body -
“name”: “test_user”,
“job”: “leader”
However, when I hit Test Request , only PREVIEW response is visible inside body. Pretty / Raw response field is BLANK with NO ERRORS
My os is Ubuntu 18.04. Could is be because of that? Because I have found Katalon less compatible with ubuntu

it might be ubuntu , it’s working on the windows version

consider opening a bug request

Yes I had verified on Windows. It is working there. Thanks for confirming