Pound / Hash sign # character freezes appendToCSV functionality

Using v5.9.0 (Chrome)

Using appendToCSV command with avariable containing a pound / hash sign (#) will cause output to the CSV output to freezeat the point where the # character is encountered and no subsequent appendToCSV command will send output to the CSV file. No indication in the log file that anything is wrong.

Presence of a pound / hash sign (#) in a variable included in appendToCSV command


  1. Download a fresh CSV output file
  2. Substitute a different character for the pound sign(#), i.e.
    storeEval | storedVars.somevar.replaceAll("#", "||") | somevar2

To Replicate Error:
Test Case

store | Application URL CalViz : https://some.thing.com/home | str
appendtoCSV |output.csv | ${str}
store | Application URL CalViz : https://some.thing.com/#/home | str
appendtoCSV |output.csv | ${str}
store | Other Stuff | str
appendtoCSV |output.csv | ${str}

CSV Output File

Application URL CalViz : https://some.thing.com/home
Application URL CalViz : https://some.thing.com/

Hi @timh1 ,

Thank you for raising the issue and provide the workaround.