Possibility to report other variables in email settings


Within project settings in Katalon Studio I’ve configured that after running a test suite execution a report is being emailed.
Specifically for mobile testing I’m looking for a way to integrate some variables within the mail template.
When running a test on a certain OS version, f.e. Android 8.1.0, I would like to integrate the corresponding variables mentioning the OS type and version within the mail template.

I’ve observed in the event log of the test execution these variables are retrieved:

  • platformName (this displays the mobile OS, f.i. Android or iOS)
  • platformVersion (this displays the version of the mobile OS, f.i. Android 8.1.0 or iOS 12.3.1)
  • deviceOS (this displays the mobile OS, f.i. Android or iOS)
  • deviceOSVersion (this displays the version of the mobile OS, f.i. Android 8.1.0 or iOS 12.3.1)

I’ve tried to configure the above mentioned values within the mail template but this results in an error message, see example below

Has anyone achieved to implement these variables within the mail template?

By default, you can only use these variables : https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/emails-settings.html#template
Otherwise, you have to develop a customised report, see https://github.com/katalon-studio/katalon-studio-sample-report-plugin

Hi @HeleneB,
Thanks for your quick response.
I was aware of the default variables mentioned on the corresponding documentation page.

I’m seeking for a possibility to implement additional variables which can be used in the mail template, giving me the possibility to show environment info for the test execution.
The mail template would look something like this:

Because the variables are retrieved during the test execution I believe it should be possible to integrate them in the mail template as well, I suppose that because these variables aren’t part of the default variables it doesn’t work.
@devalex88/ Development team: Could this be added as an enhancement?