Please define Best Practice

‘Best practice’ is to understand what are you trying to achieve with your code.
The rest is just practice.

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‘Best practices’ in our case should be defined by Katalon. Ideally, Katalon should provide a sample project implementing POM, for example. Katalon is really good for people w/o any programming experience and for people with lots of programming experience with Groovy and Katalon but it’s not that good for people with programming experience (but not with Groovy and Katalon). For example, how Keywords work is a total mystery unless you know it.

That reminds me aboout the time i buyed my first Android smartphone.
After i figured out how to answer a call (took me a while) I asked the vendor:
‘Did it came with an user manual?’
He said:
‘Nope. You learn by doing it!’

It’s not a problem to “answer a call” with Katalon. Like I wrote, it’s really good for people w/o any programming experience. The problem is to create well designed, maintainable automation framework. If Katalon provided a good well documented sample of it it would be very beneficial for Katalon itself. In the meantime (it’s just a quote), one of the disadvantages of Katalon Studio is that “Documentation and support not great.”

Copy-paste various code from here an there, and expecting to just work, without a deep understanding on how Java and Groovy actually do stuff, it is far from being a ‘good practice’.
In the end, Katalon it is just a wrapper on top of certain technologies, bringing together a lot of stuff for an easy start.
For the optimum usage, it is about coding elegance and user willingness to learn new stuff.
Some use cases may suit to most of the users, some may not.
Therefore the docs are just guidance on how to start with, with generic solutions.
To use it like a ‘pro’, you have to read a lot more o the underlying techs.
In the end this is how all of our ‘experts’ here did it.
And during our free time we try to share what we learned with others.
Apologies for not having more time to dedicate for it, but we have jobs and a private life too.

For a better support, you can buy such stuff, as far as i know (should be part of your paid license plan)