Perform random steps within a test case each run

Hello all,

I have a requirement of random usage of a site and am not sure how to approach it, does anybody have any idea of the best method of doing this?
Can I call random test cases in a test suite? Can I call on random sections of a test case? Maybe steps within keywords randomly called within the test case? Any recommendations on the most logical approach?

Thank you

Hey Anthony

How’s your Groovy skills? B)

I’ve been wondering about this, too. I’m not yet convinced it’s a great idea but still I wonder about it. (It’s not great because if you can’t reason about the tests you conduct and can’t say what tests were applied, you can’t make statements about testing efficacy.)

But that aside…

In groovy you can create a list of test methods (even as strings) in an array, randomize the array, randomly blot out a bunch of them and then rattle through the list calling the remaining methods.

There’s no question that would work, but is it worth it? I think not.

Your thoughts?


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The purpose of this is not for test results, its just to automate the UI in different ways concurrently, almost performance testing but using the UI, its to see what effect many users has, I will be using 100+ machines. API stress testing wont cover whats wanted. Appreciate this is possibly an odd thing to do. Thank you for your reply it gives me something to think about and a possible approach, my groovy skills are limited but I think I can do what you have suggested with a bit of googling. Thank you Russ.