Best way to use steps that repeat

I have a test case that has these verification steps that repeat in multiple areas. I know I can create them another test case and call them but is there a better way to do that by creating the steps and calling them within the test case? TIA! :slight_smile:

Yes, there is a way to do that.

First, introduce yourself to Custom Keywords:

Once you have a custom keyword working, you’ve learned how to create a method that belongs to a class. You’ve actually created your own Groovy (java) class where you can place more of your own method(s).

So, in brief…

package com.yourcompany

class YourClass {
  def yourNewKeyword() {
   WebUI.comment("This is my new keyword...")

Now you can create another method that contains the steps you want to repeat…

  static void yourMethod() {
   WebUI.comment("This is my new method...")
}  // End YourClass

You can call your methods in any test case (use Script view), something like…

import static com.yourcompany.yourclass.*

WebUI.comment("Calling yourMethod...")
WebUI.comment("yourMethod completed.")

That’s a brief get-you-started intro - hope it helps.