Passing variables to another test case in test suite


This is my scenario

  1. test case 1: passing the variables to G_firstname
  2. test case 2: Get the G_firstname from test case 1

I defined the global variables in the profile(G_firstname) and using test Suite I bind the G_firstname to the variables in test case 2.

However the G_firstname only defaulted to default value defined in the profile and does not take the from test case 1.

How am I going to accomplish this?

many thanks

How could you do that?

Hopefully im using the correct term.

Please see the screenshot attached

Or is there any other way to pass the variable between two test cases in a test suite?

Hi @Mohd_Shahrul_Iman

Can you provide us with the steps (along with the screenshots) to reproduce this issue ? Does the global variable modified in TC1 does not appear to be modified in TC 2 ?

Regards !

Hi ThanhTo,

I tested it, Yes, the modified globalvariable does appear in TC2 if Im using the GlobalVariable var itself in my TC2. I guess if i bind the globalvariable to the local variable in TC2 in TestSuite it will take the default value defined in the profile not from the modified value in TC1. If can I prefer to not use the globalvariable inside the TC2 as i might not using it for different case.

Here’s my example as per blow screenshot