Pass values from test suite to test case

I’m new to Katalon and i try to create REST API tests.
i created Object repository for The REST CRUD. i want to make those objects as generic as possible.

1.How can i pass variables i declared in test suite scrip and pass them to test cases.
2.How can pass the response values form test case1 to test case 2 inside test suite.

I’m using Script mode.

Thanks! :smile:

@michael.shechter for Item 2, you can read how it was done in the below question:

An example of a Global Variable,
GlobalVariable.gUserName = System.getProperty(“”);

Date todaysDate = new Date();
GlobalVariable.gFormattedDate = todaysDate.format(“M/d/yyyy”);

To set up a Global Variable, you should read the appropriate way based on the KS version you have.

For Item 1, I have never done it, but as Global Variable is a part of the import statements, then you can try that.