Pass global variable from 1 test suite collection to another

I have to pass a global variable created in 1 test suite collection to another test suite collection, can this be done in Katalon studio 7.2.1?


If the variable is global you should just be able to use the variable in your test script like normal… Can you provide some more specifics so we can assist you better?


2 Test Suite Collections using the same default profile

I have a getUrl GlobalVariable.simURL defined as a global variable in Test suite collection 1

in test suite collection 2 the simURL fails - however it works in test suite collection 1

my understanding was that if they are both using the same default profile it should work, however it does not.

Can we get a sample of the script from both versions? There has to be a difference in the script between the two.

Any errors logs would help as well… This post that @Russ_Thomas put together is a great starting point to getting the information we need to be able to assist you better.

Objective:Trying to define a URL as a GlobalVariable to be used throughout multiple test suite collections. I have a setup script where I am trying to getUrl - and Define it as a global variable.

Process: This is defined inside my setup script
GlobalVariable.simURL = WebUI.getUrl()

Next, in my default profile I define simURL:

This is NOT working: in another test suite collection, when I try and navigate to Url GlobalVariable.simURL it fails with: Step failed exception Unable to navigate to "
I also have the necessary import installed:
import com.kms.katalon.core.webui.keyword.WebUiBuiltInKeywords as WebUI
import internal.GlobalVariable as GlobalVariable

Update: in my profile if i replace the simURL Value = to the actual URL string rather than " It will pass that between test suite collections. So somehow my logic is wrong trying to pass a getUrl to the profile. Somehow I need to pass a getUrl up to my profile. Maybe the value type is wrong? it is a string, I thought thiis should work however maybe we cant pass a getUrl up to a profile?

thanks for all the help, any more recomendations would be welcome


not tried that using KSE, but you can do it using e.g postgres database

Hello and thanks for your Reply Timo can you elaborate on your postgres database? Im not familiar with that concept.

thanks very much


after download & install pgAdmin4 is the webUI interface, easy to use


after you have installed postgres to your localhost create new database (in my exampe name is testdb)

and when database is ready then i’ll can give you some examples how to create table etc by KSE