Parsing text, for verification of a separate part

I had a question about parsing the text.

How can I send a request to the server when I receive a response to parse it?

What would then get the answer received and recode it?

For example, I make a request:

def response = WS.sendRequest (findTestObject (ObjectName))

I get the answer in Json format:


“Companies”: {

«Id»: «3»,

“name”: “Имя1”,

“Telephone”: “8888888”,

“Common houses”: 5,

«Logo»: «»,

“background”: “”,

“sort”: 4



Next, I want to parse it, which would be re-encoded in the format “windows-1251”.

Since, in Katalon, the encoding of the Russians works well, but when running through the console, when verifying the Russian text, it gets like this: РІСЃРμ РѕР ± СЏР·

In Katalon, the encoding of the text itself has been changed, a dump occurs in Katalon, as verification passes with a normal response from the server, and when you start from the console, the same error occurs:

Test Cases / Test Method / Id parameter is not passed to FAILED because (from) The value of the element property failed to be checked. (Root Cause: the value of the expected element’s “Имя1” property is not equal to the actual value of the property РІСЃРμ РѕР ± СЏР’


It seems we need the feature handling the case. I moved this post to Feature box for further investigating.