Parse value to SQL Query DataFiles

Anyone know how to parse value to this query below ?

This what the script looks like in SQL editor. I want to do the same in Katalon using DataFiles

If I understand your problem correctly, should you try Global variables?

The following site might be what you are looking for:

GlobalVariables is just example. I am fine with any kind of variable @Elly_Tran . As answer below, I need to make SQL query become dynamic.

If I use this technique means Katalon will fetch all data from table user_profiles, right? I don’t think it is not a good idea if I have many rows in that table, CMIIW.

So, to simplify, I want to make that SQL query become dynamic “select * from user_profiles where name = ${variable}” . Is this possible , @grylion54 ?

As long as you use double quotes (i.e. " ) like you have done in your response above, it should work. You should be able to tell as “variable” should be a different color than the rest of the string in KS.

Nope, it won’t work.
SQL querries does not allow parametrization.
LE: my sentence reffers in the context of Data Driven features as they are implemented from Katalon UI at the time of writing.
There are few discussions and feature requests on this matter but are ignored until now.

We understand you are willing to help … buut.
Kindly get yourself more familiar with Katalon history.
Yeah … it is nice to have somebody from Katalon teams replying quicly to adress comunity needs, and I appeciate your efforts.
But some time to time, stuff has to be escalatad.

@vu.tran kindly do some research on such issues and consider this as a feature request (one more time) so the SQL querry and the Data Driven features support paramterizations at various levels.

LE: i know it is not trivial to implement, but i will be happy to see that at least this is considered in your Roadmap.
Side note: should be a free feature, please do not put it under licensing (enterpise) conditions

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